Beliefs do not need to be encoded in words

Art, music and dance are alternative languages

Intuition, imagination and dreams are other ways of making meaning

Inspiration, empathy and transcendence are central to self-knowledge and to drawing attention to the affective quality and poetry of human experience

These words from Mezirow’s book “Learning as Transformation” (pp. 5-6) caught my attention! Especially to my own struggles to put my thoughts and intuition into words. Art, music, dance…what if I were to really utilize these communication methods (which I enjoy) to bring my message to the world.

To really embrace my gifts, abilities, talents as ways to creatively communicate and ENJOY life…this is the true gift. The living of myself. It is such a basic premise and yet totally flys in the face of what I have presumed the acceptable way to “be” to be successful, accepted…

This journey of learning is in huge part a learning of who I am and being not only at home with myself, but helping others be at home as well.