The Co-Creativity School Pilot Program is a powerful experiential program designed to deepen, inspire and build on your natural strengths as a co-creative human being.

This program is for you if you are:

>  hungry to create something…
>  clear on what you want to create but don’t know how…
>  wanting to get beyond procrastination and into action…
>  tired of doing it alone and want collaboration…
>  willing to step outside your comfort zones for the sake of your bigger purpose…
>  keen on enjoying the journey no matter what…
>  attracted to adventure…
>  ready to finally finish something, anything…!

Program Components & Outcomes

The Co-Creativity School Pilot Program consists of a one day retreat at the beginning of the program, a mid-program day retreat, six @ 90 min. group calls, six @ 60 min. individual coaching calls, as well as in-between fieldwork completed over a six-month period. A one and a half day retreat will close the program.

Participants will each bring their own real world project to the program and will walk through a collaborative process that incorporates the Theory U model and other creative resources to provide a supportive, energetic, transformational and co-creative journey.

Outcomes of the program will include a deepened skill set in utilizing collaborative creativity and experience in using co-creativity on the real-life project you bring to the program.

Pilot Program Schedule & Fee

Retreat One:
November 1, 2009 @ 10am—5pm,  held in Seattle, WA area

6 Group 90 Min. Calls & 6 Individual 60 Min. Coaching Calls:
Monthly from November 2009—May 2010, times to be determined

Retreat Two:
February 25, 2010 @ 12:30pm-5:30pm, held in Seattle, WA area

Retreat Three:
May 2010 @ times TBD, held in Seattle, WA area

Fee is $450 (can be paid in monthly installments of $75/month)
Participant feedback will be creatively requested throughout the program.

Please contact Wendy Balman for more info and to sign up!
Program details subject to change; please contact Wendy for current details.

This Co-Creativity School pilot has ended – stay tuned for future offerings!


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