School has ended.
I am grateful.
I am grateful school has ended.
School has ended well.

Part of the graceful ending of my master’s program was an opportunity to record a “This I Believe” statement and have it played as I stood in the middle of the circle of faculty and classmates; each one a part of this transformational experience. The intent of the exercise was for each individual to be witnessed and celebrated at this journey end. Here is my statement:

This I believe…that each person has an eternal, spiritual essence that holds our deepest callings, purpose and desire for destiny.

I believe that creativity is birthed out of the place of spirit and that to nurture our spirit is to support our ability to do the unique and meaningful work that we are drawn to do.

I believe that that work is best supported when we recognize that every connection we have with people, places and things can be characterized as a relationship.

I believe that engaging our spirits in these relationships will bring the greatest satisfaction and deepest meaning to life.